Welcome to the 3-year-old curriculum.  We will focus on building your child’s confidence and self-esteem through creating experiences for him/her that require independence such as: a job of the week, unpacking his/her things in the morning, cleaning up after himself/herself, etc.  Three-year olds will also work on resolving conflicts, cooperating with others, problem solving, and expressing their feelings. This will help your child learn social/emotional skills. These skills are what will help your child succeed in life.  Here are some highlights of our 3-year-old curriculum:

Theme and Bible Story of the Week:

  • School-wide theme and bible story of the week
  • Open-ended questions and discussions to enhance thinking and listening skills
  • Visual aids and props used to aid in learning

Letter of the Week:

  • Letters introduced according to the developmental order of writing (straight lines, curved lines, then slanted lines)
  • Frog Street Press Letter Books used to introduce letter and words that begin with that letter
  • Recognition of upper and lower-case letters and introduction to letter sounds
  • ABC letter page reinforces writing and coloring (Please note that writing and coloring will not be forced!)


  • Fundanoodle terms used to correctly write each letter
  • Pound boards used to build hand strength and eye-hand coordination
  • Activity workbook used to improve fine motor skills

Math Skills:

  • Large group instruction daily
  • Small group instruction once a week
  • Skills include: colors, shapes, patterns, exposure to numbers 1-30, positions, graphing, classifying, pennies/nickels, and visual estimation
  • Math activities and manipulatives present in various centers

Science Skills:

  • Touch and visual exploration in centers and activities
  • Problem solving and discovery
  • Sensory table available at least two times a week
  • Attend the science room once a week
  • Outdoor learning center available to classrooms: garden, picnic, and music area

Social and Emotional Skills:

  • Learn skills through play in centers: dramatic play, block, manipulatives, science, art, music, and library
  • Character education traits discussed daily with monthly themed traits
    Assigned jobs

Language Skills:

  • Opportunities to express self during circle activities:  open-ended questions, calendar, weather, Pledge of Allegiance, theme of week, Bible story of week, daily math concept, group songs, stories
  • Show and Share will be scheduled at least once a month per child

Fine and Gross Motor Skills:

  • Play daily on playground or in the gym weather permitting with age appropriate toys
  • Classroom art with use of markers, pencils, scissors, glue, paints, etc.
  • Movement activities in classroom