This Week’s Menu

*Milk  **Egg  ***Milk, Egg   #Soy   ***#Milk, Egg, Soy

Monday’s Menu: 7/13/2020

Morning Lunch Snack
Whole Grain Cereal Ground Beef Spaghetti with Whole Grain Pasta

Vegetable Blend

*Garlic Bread

Fresh Cut Oranges
Mandarin Oranges

Pretzels & *Goldfish

Tuesday’s Menu: 7/14/2020

Morning Lunch Snack
*Baked Assorted Scones

Chicken Tacos on Flour Tortilla with *Cheese, Tomato & Lettuce

Mexican Brown Rice

Black Beans

Cucumbers & ***Ranch

Wednesday’s Menu: 7/15/2020

Morning Lunch Snack
Baked Apples

Oven Baked Crusted Talipia Fish

Fresh Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Steamed Corn

*Breaded Mozzarella Stick/Marinara Sauce

Thursday’s Menu: 7/16/2020

Morning Lunch Snack

***Breakfast Taco
Egg, Potato & Cheese

Beanie Weenie with Turkey Wiener

Steamed Sweet Carrots

Whole Grain Bread

Spiced Pears

Fig Bar

Friday’s Menu: 7/17/2020

Morning Lunch Snack
***Blueberry Corn Bread

Oven Baked Popcorn Shrimp

Fresh Cut Oven Baked Steak Fries

Fresh Green Salad ***Ranch Dressing
Steamed Vegetables

Teddy Grahams