This Week’s Menu

*Milk  **Egg  ***Milk, Egg   #Soy   ***#Milk, Egg, Soy

Monday’s Menu: 11/30/2020

Morning Lunch Snack

Whole Grain Cereal

Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich on #WG Bread
Steamed Peas

Fresh Cut Oranges
(Mandarin Oranges)

#Animal Crackers

Tuesday’s Menu: 12/1/2020

Morning Lunch Snack
#Cinnamon Toast
Chopped Chicken
*Buttered Pasta
Steamed Zucchini

Wednesday’s Menu: 12/2/2020

Morning Lunch Snack

Teacher Workday

Teacher Workday

Teacher Workday

Thursday’s Menu: 11/12/2020

Morning Lunch Snack

**#Scrambled Eggs & Whole Grain Toast

Pot Roast Stew with Vegetables

***Corn Bread

Sliced Apples Applesauce

*Cheese Stick & #Crackers

Friday’s Menu: 11/13/2020

Morning Lunch Snack

Oatmeal & Peaches

#Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Pineapple

Brown Rice

Steamed Green  Beans

#Animal Cookies