Our School

Christ Lutheran Children’s Center is a GS10 Licensed Center.  We began as a Mother’s Morning Out Program in 1987 and added full day classes in 1989. We provide care for children from 6 weeks through 5 year old Transitional Kindergarten.

Christ Lutheran Children’s Center is committed to the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of each child in a loving Christian environment. Our purpose is to continue a process that has already begun with each child’s parents at home.

We provide an environment that promotes healthy growth and development of children working and playing together in a variety of learning activities that promote physical, emotional, social and mental growth. We believe that children learn best by being actively involved in their world and extending their own experiences. Children have the freedom to explore their world under the supervision of a loving adult who gently guides them to discover answers for themselves.

Children of God

Our faith and belief is that we are all children of God. We believe that our spiritual development and well being are part of our growth and maturity, especially in the early years of life. We talk about the God who loves us, the God who creates all that exists, and the God who sent us his son, Jesus, to reveal his love. God and his presence are interwoven into all aspects of our curriculum. Prayers of thanksgiving are said before snack and lunch.

Chapel is offered for all children once a week in the sanctuary. Children ages three and older will be joined by one of the pastors of the church to share a Bible story and sing songs of praise.  Toddlers and Twos have their own special chapel time with a member of the staff of CLCC.

secret-gardenMusic & Movement

Children know no limits, physical, emotional, or musical. Music and movement are used as learning tools addressing developmental needs such as language, sensory-motor, interpersonal relationships and spirituality. We dance and play, experimenting with the ways our bodies can move and developing a sense of balance, control, and self-awareness. We reinforce and build upon the joyfulness of children through their spontaneous reactions to music, movement and story-telling.

Visit Us!

We hope you will come to see what we are all about. We would love to share our loving atmosphere with you and your child. You can contact the center for a tour at (704) 365-8687. The goal of this center is to work together with parents and family members, supporting each other, to provide a happy, positive experience for your child.