Raising Spiritual Children

Raising Spiritual Children

“Mom, why does God make storms with lightning and thunder?” “Dad, why does God allow people to get sick?” “Grandpa, why does Jesus want us to follow him?”

Our children are spiritual beings. We can hear their spirituality in their questions and see it in the way they seek beauty, love, and goodness. The questions they ask can befuddle us, or make us laugh, or pull at our heart strings. We may not always have an answer for the spiritual questions our children ask us, and that is ok. More important is the willingness to listen to these questions and to nurture young minds and hearts as they seek a connection with God.

In a new book titled “The Spiritual Child: The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving”, Lisa Miller, director of Columbia University’s Clinical Psychology Program, describes how vital spirituality is in children. Her research shows that nurturing a child’s spiritual life can increase his or her overall performance and health as they grow older. For this reason, she advocates teaching spirituality in schools—something not everyone agrees with.

At the Christ Lutheran Children’s Center, caring for a child’s spiritual life is actively practiced. On a daily basis, in a loving and supportive environment, children are encouraged to ask spiritual questions and build a sense of connection with the God who made them. Children are listened to and invited to explore the ways Jesus is present with them. It is one of the reasons the Children’s Center is such an important ministry of Christ Lutheran Church.

If you are looking for support as you nurture your child’s spirituality, consider visiting us one Sunday at Christ Lutheran Church or on a Wednesday evening for our midweek programming. Our pre-school activities are lively and engaging. On November 8, 3 year olds are invited to a “Worshipping Stepping Stone”, to explore the sanctuary and learn about the objects and colors used in Christian worship. Learn more by visiting: http://christelca.org/youth/preschool/

Jesus welcomed children, questions and all. We at Christ Lutheran seek to do the same. We hope you will stop in for a visit along with your children. Please ask them to bring their questions. They are all welcome at here Christ Lutheran.


Pastor Drew Goodson


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