Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Preparing for trick or treaters:

  • Never invite children into your home that evening- even children you know so they don’t become comfortable with entering people’s homes on Halloween
  • Keep pets somewhere secure for your pet’s and small children’s safety
  • Keep your yard, driveway and entry way well lit and free of tripping or protruding hazards Battery powered light is preferable over candles, if candles are used make sure they are away from flammable leaves, curtains and can’t be knocked over by children
  • If you hand out hard candy or small trinkets, make sure an alternative item is possible for children under age 3.
  • Place decorations away from dark areas or areas than can be a tripping hazard for children coming to see them.

Early Evening Preparations:

  • Give children a meal or snack before going out so they won’t be tempted to eat candy before they get home. Once home check and discard items with loose wrappers or that look suspicious, those that may be inappropriate if your child has food allergies or small hard candies or toys a chocking hazard for small children.
  • After applying costume makeup, put the cosmetics away as they often contain potentially dangerous ingredients if ingested.
  • Before children leave, discuss what route they will follow, who is supervising the group, what friends are going along and what time they will be home. Young children should always go with a caregiver and older children in groups.

Costumes and Accessories:

  • Costumes and shoes should fit well. Children can trip on long costumes or loose/big shoes and loose costumes may become snagged on shrubbery or fences.
  • Buy costumes made of flame retardant material. And place your contact information inside. Use light colors or reflective tape on costumes. And if possible carry a flashlight
  • Make knives, swords, etc. from cardboard to avoid sharp objects.
  • Face masks should allow for good sight and taken off before crossing streets.

Trick or treating:

  • Walk facing traffic and don’t run, when possible use sidewalks, Don’t cross mid block or between cars.
  • Do not cross yards and grassy areas, follow lit paths to doors.
  • Don’t let children dart into areas with decorations that have an unknown footing surface to prevent
  • falls.

Compiled with information from the American Academy of Pediatrics, following all information Does not guarantee your infant will not suffer an Injury, please consult your pediatrician.

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